Born in Oxfordshire, I spent most of my childhood abroad in Aden and Peru.

I first became interested in ceramics after watching black and white footage of Shoji Hamada and Bernard Leach wood firing a climbing kiln and started making pots at school in Barnes under a Korean potter named Yap then continued making mainly functional stoneware for several years.

I have recently returned to ceramics after many years as a photographer. Becoming involved with the Oxford Anagama project and having a pot fired in the kiln in Wytham Woods rekindled my passion. I live in Cumnor near Oxford, England and work from my studio at home.

My current work is focused on hand building in stoneware and raku. Most pieces are either 4 or 5 sided. I like the symmetry of 4 sided vessels but also the asymmetry of the 5 sided ones. I draw out a cardboard template and make a prototype to see how a vessel will look, if I like it I then use the template to cut the clay.

My 5 sided pots are made from 5 pieces cut from a template which has one side longer and of a different shape to the other. When the sections are put together it causes the form to twist organically in a spiral so giving them their distinctive shape.

I am working in raku and stoneware, using similar forms in both mediums. I love the bright colours of the raku glazes and the more subdued tones of stoneware glazes.

I have been inspired by potters such as Ashraf Hanna and Avital Sheffer and by everything I see. Each pot I make inspires and informs the next.


Ian Fraser biog